Sash window repairs and draught proofing

Unfortunately we no longer are able to offer a full range of repair and refurbishment options for traditional single glazed timber sash windows.

In the current economic and environmental climate we find that refurb is not a satisfactory solution to the demands of modern households with regards to heat retention (u value) and sound insulation.

It should also be noted that refurbed windows will still be subject to significant condensation (which exacerbates rotting).

If you are still interested in refurb we can direct you to an industry associate who can assist.

General refurb work includes-

  • Draught proofing, installing the RALFURB gasket system
  • Replacement rotten window sills
  • Broken cords, ropes
  • Rotten rails on sashes
  • Re-pointing, using boiled linseed oil and sand – keyed onto the outside of the window to seal it.
  • Re-glazing service, swapping normal glass over to toughened etc, fore-putting glass into place
  • New sash ironmongery, including simplex cleaning systems to make sash windows open inwards for cleaning, Scottish law states all first floor and above windows should open inwards for cleaning.
  • Removal of excess paint build up from the frames and window styles, making sashes operational.

For more information visit our dedicated repair web site

We usually find that the cost of a full refurb on a sash window gets close to the starting price for supplying and fitting double swing sash look-alike windows, many people opt to replace rather than repair, if the planning regulations for their area allows this.