Stained glass windows

For clients that have stained glass or painted glass in their existing windows or doors we can offer our encapsulation service.

Encapsulation is a process that allows us to remove your existing glass, repair any cracks, give it a good clean and then have it encapsulated inside our double glazing units.
The double glazing we use is 24mm thick, which has a 16mm cavity big enough for the stained glass to sit snugly between the inner and outer panes.

This means that you get to keep the look of your original stained glass and also benefit from the energy efficiency of high end double glazing.

This is most commonly done for sash and case clients you have stained glass in there existing top sashes, but we can fit into any type of window or door.
If you do not have any stained glass but would like to have this as part of your restoration project or new build you can commission one off new designs and we will have them double glazed for you and fitted to your new windows.

All work is carried out by our stained glass artist Alistair McMillan of ‘Smashing Glass’, who has decades of experience in this field. For further information please call us to discuss your requirements and we can advise you on rough costs and timescales. Meanwhile check out our stained glass windows gallery for some examples of previous work.